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Smart Electric Bike


Go Long, Go Strong
Embrace the power of e-biking
Experience bike
Pod bike
Smart Electric Bike


Go Urban
Make the city your playground
Experience bike
Carbon bike
Smart Electric Bike


Dare to Conquer
Take charge, rule all terrains
Experience bike
Rover bike
Smart Electric Bike


Ride Rough, Ride Tough
Explore the unexplored
Experience bike
Griffin bike
Our Promise

Go beyond the maps

Sajal - Rover
iPhone Strode app
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Smart Electric Bikes

Limited Edition
Street Blue


The Urban City Bike
Own the street. Ride like never before.
The #StrodeCarbon is super chic, stylish and sleek. Pick your Limited Edition Strode Carbon and take it around for a spin in the city. Test its features, push it to the limit, get the best out of your e-bike.
All Terrain Bike


The Fat Tire Mountain Bike
Dominate the hills. Feel the strength of the fat tire.
Feel empowered with the almighty #StrodeRover. Hear the hills call out to you every time you ride. After all, it’s not an adventure until you’ve embarked upon a journey of a lifetime.
Hybrid Bike


The Hybrid All Terrain Bike
Conquer nature. Unleash the adventurer in you.
Go out on your longest range ride so far with the all-terrain, hybrid bike #StrodeGriffin. Discover nature like you could never have imagined. Do it all, as going uphill has never been easier.
Compact bike


The Compact For-All Bike
Perky, but bold. Say hello to a companion that’s for life!
Share like you care! The #StrodePod doesn’t just look uber cool, but is built to last. Explore destinations together that the eye can’t see. Be a part of the thrill that long range rides are.
Made Smarter

Make the most of your smart bike

Do more with the newly updated Strode E-bike app co-pilot. Get smart, get futuristic, and get the most out of your Strode electric bike. Download the Strode app and lock/unlock at the tap of your finger. Hone yourself for the ultimate smart bike experience. From different ride modes, to anti theft and geo-tagging features, get a lot more on the Strode app.

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