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Which Long Range Electric Cycle Is Best for Your Travel Needs?

We all know what cycling feels like when going for long-distance routes. Treks and trails and hikes, and everything in between; they are always a part of our adventure plans, aren’t they?

But as the times are a-changin, do we think your view towards travel could also change? Perhaps, something a li’l more stylish, safer, and environmentally friendly?

Well, here’s to the nicer creations le humans intended for 2021; and if it were solely up to us, it truly is the era of making some bold decisions.

Electric Bikes: The New Face of Travel

Let’s see… How many of us are aware of the whole concept of cycles and why they were invented in the first place? Catering to human needs, improving our walking ability, enhancing travel options, and so on?

Although, right now, it is more about the value that it provides with its constant evolution, all without losing its sheer simplicity. The evolution of bicycles has come a long way since the days of the early, creaky cycles, and we’re now in the era of the electric cycles.

As gadgets have taken over Western society, India too aims at imbibing the same technology of e-mobility. Not just for long-distance travel, but more importantly, for daily commute as well.

Here’s bringing to you, our very own, Tesla version of the venerable cycle… the smart electric cycle. As you correctly guessed, it does run without forcing you to break a sweat and is everything to marvel about.

Even then, some of us may still need some reckoning to do before we pick ourselves the best electric cycle for our needs. And that’s okay, really, because investing in this revolutionary piece of machinery is worth every bit.

Moreover, since many of the early adopters are already grabbing their own electric cycles — there’s a lot of information out there on how we can pick the best one for our travel needs. Could you imagine all you can achieve beyond that usual home-to-office and office-to-home (or college, school, gym, cafe!) run you make every day? Electric cycles have a lot more tricks up their sleeve to help your imagination run wild.

Long-Range Electric Bikes Are ‘It’!

Breaking the routine is a must-try to get the most out of your e-bike. It starts with certain e-bikes that are designed with long-range batteries. These are mainly meant for long distances while still offering powerful motors capable of meeting your need for speed. The longer the electric cycle’s battery range, the more fun you have. As simple as that… Hence, making them just perfect for everyday usage. How you ask?

  • Needs fewer charging stops.
  • Going longer distances without ‘range anxiety’.
  • Charge retains for longer even when e-bike is unused.
  • Consistent battery health even after persistent charging.
  • Sneaking in a quick workout with Pedal-Assist mode.
  • Bonus point: No petrol points needed, at all!

Why Are Long-Range E-Bikes So Good?

Before we get into some ‘You’ll thank us later’ details, do tell us… who likes to charge batteries every day? After all, procrastination is a very real thing… But what if I told you that you needed to charge your battery only once a week, and not worry about long distances? All the ways you’d been thinking, “Will I be able to make my way back?” while riding your bicycle, could all go away… in a snap.

Remember the last time you went to Goa on that holiday? The time where you had to park your motorcycle or car far from where you need to go? Did you really enjoy the involuntary hiking experience when you would rather be chillin’? Now, what if you had a long-range electric bike instead? From the trip from your hotel to any beach, mountain, or village — your e-bike would be ready to take you to all the places you needed to go and back again. All without pedaling, worrying about fuel pumps, with just the wind in your hair.

Even when it comes to holidays, we all want to cover all the destinations and soak in all the experiences wherever we tour. Whether it is beaches, mountains, or eco-travel, it is never just about the utility, but also the thrill in the adventure… And that’s where the e-bikes offering the longest-range capabilities come into the picture, making a real difference. Or even when you’re back home, from riding to your college or school, to traveling to the gym or picking up some groceries, or even taking your pet out for a sunny ride in the bike’s basket, it truly is a way of life. Agree?

The Longest Range Electric Bikes In India

India, in spite of being fairly new to the concept, has no dearth of e-bikes in the market. Talking about long distances, it is always a good idea to understand all the nuances first, so you end up investing in the best long-range electric cycle.

Now, while there are many brands to choose from, Strode has designed e-bikes for specific needs, including your desire to go long distances. We’ve broken down each of the Strode smart electric bikes for how they line up on the battery and range with a few other factors to help you choose the electric cycle that’s ideal for your travel needs.


Coming in three distinct shades of Elemental Orange, Space Green, and Electric Blue, to suit your every mode, Carbon is quite the vibrant one. Possessing a similar battery as the Rover, this e-bike goes up to 65 km in Pedal Assist mode. Not only that, the Carbon’s top speed is 25 km/hr, making it ideal for all the high octane Insta shots we wanted on our feed!


Again, connected via the Strode app, Rover offers raw electric power and a stunning bunch of features, just like its medium-range battery. It also has an inbuilt headlight to sort out your late-night travels. Whether it is a long journey or a short one, the charging time is a standard 3.5 hours only, and then you have full battery again! This is comparatively a lot less time than other smart cycles in the market.


This all-app-controlled e-bike with a powerful battery is a state-of-the-art, premium product by Strode now available in India. The brand offers this model in such a way that you will have no issue even going up to 100 km at a time. This e-bike has the strongest battery, one that reduces downtime and delivers more action. Whether you are going for the Pedal Assist mode or full Cruise, you can easily touch a top speed of 25 km/hr without batting an eyelid.


Another great option is the Pod by Strode. This e-bike packs a punch as well, with its (ultra) long-range battery. Similar to the Griffin, Pod’s battery too comes with a fast charger and an anti-theft locking system (you read that right). This smart e-bike model in a compact and portable frame is worth every penny for the same reason. Do yourself a favor and try one of these longest-range electric cycles in India to feel the change.

Strode Infographic

Apart from the obvious, many of us often even wonder why the top speeds of such highly designed e-bikes are capped at 25 km/hr?

The truth is, while Strode e-bikes can go a lot faster, they’re capped for a reason, and i.e., to make your life easier. It is to give us the lifestyle we want… to be free without needing helmets (though we do recommend wearing one), letting the kids take them out for a spin – making it a vehicle the whole family can enjoy, avoid RTO registrations, or even need a license to ride them.

Why Should You Invest In a Long-Range E-Bike?

Premium e-bikes, or rather, smart e-bikes, always have a charming factor about them. They preach the ideology of living pollution-free and wanting to make a better future for our kids. As tried and tested as this could be, smart choices like these do result in better mobility… Yes, you can finally let your hair down and breathe in the air! And at the end of the day, it is a cycle, so you always pedal away like the old, golden days, not worrying about batteries as much. It is literally all about the value and how such e-cycles add to your life.

As of today, we can vouch that there is an e-bike for each one of us. Plus, having learned of the benefits, long-range e-bikes easily dust any of those qualms off, don’t they? They are even better and honestly are no comparison to e-scooters. Believe us, we could write a separate article about that too. (Really!)

Simply put, what you invest is directly what you get, period. Whether you are planning to backpack to Uttarakhand, or just ride to the office looking non-sweaty but pumped every day… The future-face of daily or long-distance travel is an e-bike. Particularly, from one above, that comes with a whopping 90K km battery life (just a piece of information we are going to leave here for all you techies and geeks out there)!

That’s something, isn’t it? Furthermore, what’s even great is, the batteries are made ‘easily removable’ too, for user convenience. Whether you want to charge the battery in your car park or detach it and charge at home, it is all up to you.

Now that you know quite a lot about long-range e-bikes, we are sure that your next Strode adventure is waiting for you. So, go get yourself a smart e-bike today!

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